Why do Facebook Ads go wrong? 🤔

This is such a re-occurring theme for many, many businesses out there. They work with an agency and expect to that Facebook Ads (and those alone) are going to "fix" or skyrocket their Digital Marketing. This is exactly why we wanted to do a "debrief" with Brian...

The Background

Brian Jackson, founder of Mighty Mo Coffee, in Bismarck, North Dakota ran Facebook Ads for his company in the Fall of 2019. We didn't run his ads, an agency who will remain nameless did. This was Brian's first time advertising (not counting "boosts" here and there) with his company.


Digital Marketing makes sense for Mighty Mo - they are a fairly "social" company already (Facebook, Instagram) and are certainly making a great name for themselves in North Dakota (and in surrounding states).

Besides being able to "scale" sales fast online, the margins are one of the most intriguing parts of a direct to consumer model.

This agency was projecting a large amount of sales through Facebook/Instagram to Brian. We'll just say in the hundreds on a monthly basis. Of course not right away, but that was the goal at least by month 3 - to be trending to hitting their stride.

What Actually Happened

To cut to the chase, there was only a handful of sales in the 3 months they worked together.

So, how could that happen? Let's get into it...

The Customer Journey

Instead of breaking down all the elements and complicated areas of the backend...CBO (Campaign Budget Optimization) used way too early on, look-a-like audiences based off of view content event that wasn't creating conversions, or sending them to the homepage instead of a dedicated landing page...

...none of that mattered, because the fundamentals weren't covered.

Concepts of a Simple (and Effective) E-commerce Funnel Flow
(homepage are never a good place to send 99% of ad traffic. It's the "misc" drawer that only should be used in "last resort" situations. It's not targeted and more than likely won't be congruent/relevant from ad to website.)

What comes first?

Before we even get into the funnel (image seen above) let's talk about relationships...

...and let's keep with the theme of coffee here. Would you ask for marriage on the first coffee date? We're all heard that expression - and that is what seems to be the core issue with these ads...

...since Mighty Mo doesn't have a large amount of people coming to it's website in the first place (you typically need more than 1,000 people a month to start retargeting effectively on Facebook), they were showing ads to largely cold (haven't been to the website and more than likely not familiar with the brand) audiences.

The issue with that was straight the products. People were seeing bags of coffee on their first impression of the brand.

That's a tough sell...

...I really have to be in need of coffee - and more than likely already know something about the brand to pull the trigger that fast. Otherwise, I would just go get some at any shop down the street or cheaper at Starbucks.

I say this all, because Brian has an great message and branding with Mighty Mo - they connect people on the adventure, not just the coffee. They do have a unique advantage in the marketplace. They just weren't using it effectively.

And, to the agency's defense - a slightly higher budget (they were spending $1,500-$2,500) might have been needed to accomplish full funnel messaging. (which is why they were probably going straight to the sale)

Data Never Lies

Google Analytics is the only place you need to look to find your answers. (and, it's free). What we see here is more referral traffic (traffic from organic social media) increasing as a result of running ads. This is common, but the ads should usually be the #1 traffic source of Facebook to the site.


We can also see where they were sending the traffic to - either straight to the project pages or homepage.

Take a look at the "new users" metric and "bounce rate".

New Users - This technically means a new device that Google Analytics hasn't set a cookie on yet. So, these are fist time visitors to the site. (Coffee on the first date)

Bounce Rate - When someone comes to a page and leaves without another "hit" - I checked in the console and a pageview is the only thing firing for another hit. Sometimes people will say a scroll depth of more than 90% is another hit or time on page > 2 mins is another hit, etc. as those could be signs of "engagement". Not the caste here. This means people were largely coming and leaving - anything over 60% for a Bounce Rate deserves digging into and changing things up.


What can we learn from this?

Facebook Ads are complicated. Clearly.

In this scenario, we need to think about the entire customer journey and ask ourselves...would this sale work in real life? Is this "out of order" in the flow?

So often we act differently in the Digital world than we would in real life. Why? Digital is simply an extension of who we are in real life.

I told Brian I think Facebook Messenger Campaigns would be a really smart direction to take things for Mighty Mo - once he gets the flow dialed in and has a converting offer/audience, of course.

Messenger allows you to get more information about your leads and customers. Also, you can get real time feedback on likes/dislikes of what your customers or prospects are feeling. That is simply invaluable in my opinion. 

Of course, you can do this on your website as well, but Messenger keeps things extra frictionless and quick. It's very native to the Facebook platform and I think perfect for Mighty Mo's direction.

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