SEO Predictions

SEO is time consuming. If you want to see the ROI and trend your traffic is on – and what it can do for you, you need to do some forecasting. If you can predict (quite accurately) what it can do for you, you simply need to follow a plan.

It doesn't have to be overcomplicated (the implementation is complicated enough) 😉

How We Did It

We need 2 things to figure this out. Google Analytics data for 3 years (if you don't have it, just use Ahrefs) and using basic formulas in Google Sheets. (Shout out to Matthew at Traffic Think Tank as he worked with me on this.)

Screenshot of the Trend


How that beaks down to every month in 2020 👇🏻

This takes into account seasonality and irregularity. What this does is "de-seasonalizes" the data, so that we no longer have to say "well, December would have been a good month..."

Again, this takes into account the trend you are currently on - if you haven't done SEO before and you are just starting now, your growth rates should improve a lot more drastically, based on the current state of your SEO/website.

I would say 5% growth month over month is fairly conservative for SEO if you are actively engage in quality writing and best practice for technical SEO, etc.

Organic Forecast 2020 Targets % Growth
Jan - 2020 20,414 21,536 5.50%
Feb - 2020 19,937 21,119 5.93%
Mar - 2020 19,036 20,017 5.15%
Apr - 2020 17,381 18,236 4.92%
May - 2020 17,034 17,861 4.85%
Jun - 2020 15,113 15,866 4.99%
Jul - 2020 15,039 15,633 3.95%
Aug - 2020 17,321 17,916 3.43%
Sep - 2020 14,707 15,270 3.83%
Oct - 2020 15,956 16,565 3.81%
Nov - 2020 15,214 15,805 3.89%
Dec - 2020 13,588 14,221 4.66%
200,741 210,045 4.58%

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