Rednavel Consulting

In an effort to keep up with saturated marketplace of consultants, Rednavel Consulting hired us on to create a logo would do exactly what Rednavel does on a Consulting level with it's clients, Stand Out.

Our Role

To take their initial concept, and conceptualize a design that stayed with Rednavel's style.

They wanted to stay minimal, be represented in a Digital sense (their Digital Marketing Consultants), and wanted to keep the modern look and feel.

Their Instructions + Ideas

Business Value Proposition:There are so many different areas to focus on with Digital marketing, it's a jigsaw puzzle and it's not optional to pick and choose which areas you want to focus on. In order to have a successful business, you have to focus on them all.

Logo Instructions: (I want the logo to appear like it's breaking apart (i'll let you be the judge of how that best looks), but I want to incorporate pixels… I wanted to be clear that the red naval logo in text is made up of a bunch of pixels (just like a digital marketing is made up of a bunch of small tasks in order to accomplish Digital Marketing success)


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