Explaining EC's Client Logins

Clients of Elevated Conversions all get a dedicated login with a dashboard. What's on the dashboard, might you ask?

It's any and all metrics that are key indicators to the businesses health. KPIs, or Key Performance Indicators.

We have some Ecommerce clients, so items sold is one KPI, but definitely not alone. ROAS, or Return On Ad Spend paints the picture even better. Is a client isn't sure about the KPIs or metrics they need reporting on – we go straight to an ROI dashboard right away and build from there.

Why a dashboard?

Its pretty simple, really. Data doesn't speak to everyone the same. Most people don't like looking at ridiculous amounts of data in Excel.

And why should you? You don't know how to get actionable with it.

That's where dashboards come in. The data is actionable with a dashboard. Well, if you build it right it is.

We build dashboard for our clients so they can login 24/7 and check on the health of their business. No need to wait until a certain day of the week or monthly report. You always know.

When you always know you can watch the trends as they unfold instead of waiting to be surprised once a month.

We've even seen others put up a TV in their office and have a “Dashboard TV” to keep it running in the background.


We do all of this to help out clients become more data-driven with their businesses. 

We know that if we can help businesses start to make decisions being data-informed, business driven, we're going to give them the framework to solve their hardest problems.

You get the idea…If you're interested, then we'd love to hear from you.

  • Go as in depth as you want here - we'll definitely read this and be more prepared come time to chat with you on the phone or in person 🙂