The Measurement Marketing System

We've built a complete system that is rooted in data informed, business driven decisions. It's called Measurement Marketing, it's a five pillar process, and it's been helping a lot of businesses...

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1. Planning


By far the easiest pillar to skip, but is crucial that you don't. We have a P.O.D. System where we run through every page on your site to figure out what is the Purpose, Offer, and Details.

Purpose - What is this page/url/step here to do?
Offer - How is this page/url/step getting me to complete the purpose?
Details - What behaviors are happening on the page that might be useful to know?

We then do a full audit for you sales funnel, to map out the journey of a user (see the flowchart to the right). This way we are all on the same page, figure out what your conversion rates for each step, this way we now where to scale and what levers to pull.

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2. Building

This is where we let the work we've done in the planning stage show for itself. Biggest tool we use in this stage is Google Tag Manager. Google Tag Manager is how we deploy all of our scripts, pixels, tags, cookies, etc so that we can have the system built in the most effective and efficient ways.

We aren't done with the planning stage there. We make sure to actually TBV the system - Trust But Verify. We use the real time reporting of Google Analytics to make sure our tags are showing up from Google Tag Manager.

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3. Reporting

Next we push all our metrics and dimensions into a visual dashboard. Why?

Most people don't like spreadsheets. And even if they did, it's hard to look at those and gain actionable insights from them.

This is why we use a dash-boarding tool (Google Data Studio), to convey the business metrics that you care about.

What's better is that we tie in API connections so that its always up to date, down to the last minute.

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4. Forecasting

So now you've planned, built, even reported on your business intelligence...there's more?


We need to be able to predict, or forecast what is going to happen next, in order to allocate spend for paid advertising, what areas of our funnel we need to tweak, and ultimately, how much revenue the system will generate.

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5. Optimizing

Last but definitely not least it running tests on your funnel.

Note if you don't think this applies to does. Everyone has a funnel and everyone needs to be running tests and improving their individual and core conversion rates.

Its super important to not get complacent just because we've done so much already. We've been brought on to larger organizations where all we do is testing - Conversion Rate Optimization.

You are never done and you can always do better (and build more funnels, too) 🙂

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Ever since we "rolled" our this Measurement Marketing system, we've been getting a lot of people wanting us to implement it with them. Its a serious game-changer.

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