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The role of marketing director is changing. No longer is the job description of a marketing director to oversee the marketing department. Today the best marketing directors are leading by example and catching on to newly evolving technologies before their industry competitors.

So, why is having two marketing directors better than one? Here are two reasons that make it painfully obvious that hiring two marketing directors is better than hiring just one.


When two marketing directors can work together they can pass the projects back and forth. This gives them the ability to use their strengths to their advantage and rely on their partner to compliment their weaknesses. This also sets a great example for the rest of the company and it allows each marketing director the space to specialize in a few things instead of being overwhelmed with the pressure of being an expert in everything.

Just like the yin and yang symbol. Both halves are the strongest when they contain a little bit of the other in their core. Filling a marketing director position with two people who compliment the other in this way makes the growth efforts more harmonious and it actually increases the quality of life for both halves of the position.

Everyone has a personality that is unique to their upbringing and natural talents. The benefits of sharing one role between two people allows each person to do what they enjoy the most and when people enjoy what they do it makes for a better work culture. Overwhelming someone by making them take on responsibilities that they do not naturally gravitate towards will lead to essential tasks getting ignored or left undone.

The role of marketing director is more important than ever since the role of sales representative is getting replaced by automated online transactions. Salespeople are being replaced by a more robust online shopping experience or a sales funnel, and that just means that marketing has more responsibility than ever to deliver an experience to the end user that is equal to the traditional face to face transaction that happened in the past. Smart companies that used to rely on salespeople as revenue generators are putting more effort into their marketing. Fresh new online experiences are created by fresh new marketing people that make it their job to stay on the leading edge of emerging technologies. The actual role of sales person is becoming more enjoyable since 90% of the selling is already done by the time the customer walks in the door. A good duo in the role of marketing director can make the job of sales person so much more enjoyable when the customer walks in and basically points at the product they want since they’ve already learned everything about it online.


A good marketing director will know how to reduce costs compared to traditional advertising agencies. A good marketing director will usually have experience working for an advertising company and so they will bring the knowledge of those agency practeces in house all while increasing efficiencies and reducing costs.

In the age of remote work spaces and virtual assistants smart marketing directors are masters of outsourcing. Their expertise is understanding the marketing strategy and putting into place individuals who specialize in each task gives them the ability to lower costs across several departments in the company. Where before in the agency model the costs of an expensive office space and incentivising account managers with extravagant vacations for performance was built into the cost. Today marketing directors are always on vacation. Working from anywhere in the world and working for whoever they want. A good marketing director relies on the results they get not the amount of time they spend in the office.